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Azerbaijan is known not only for being one of the best tourist destinations but also for providing affordable accommodations in broad-ranging options. Starting from 10 Manats, you can stay in the hotels at the lowest prices. There are nearly 500 hotels in Azerbaijan, out of which, 150 are situated in the capital city, Baku itself. Depending on the star rating and season, the prices of hotels varies beginning from as low as 50 Manats (30$). Especially, ‘economy class’ tourism is being developed in order to offer significant accommodation conditions. Azerbaijan gives a wide array of economic as well as worthwhile accommodation budget to the global tourists. From two-star to five-star, adequate availability of splendid hotels makes Azerbaijan tourism so easier and comfortable. Multilingual hotel personnel can assist customers in Arabic, Turkish, Russian and English languages. It is advised to book the accommodation for Azerbaijan or Baku in most advance as in peak season, hotels are usually found booked up, therefore, Travelans Baku is always ready for you to book as well as to provide accommodation services as per your requirement and preference so that you have a pleasant journey.

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Can i be denied a VISA, and why?

The reasons depend on different factors. But in order to have a smooth and hassle-free journey, the consul should not suspect you at the time of immigration intentions. Getting a visa to Azerbaijan is impossible if one has a visa to the self-proclaimed “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”. Error free travel documents, valid passport and other supporting documents if are found to be genuine, it eases the visa approval possibility. The recent introduction of the E-Visa system has made the visa application procedure easier than before for foreigners, tourists, and stateless persons to enter the country. Electronic application and all other necessary information regarding visas will be displayed on the websites of consulates and embassies of Azerbaijan.

I don’t speak Azerbaijani; would that be a problem?

Well, most of the people speak in their native language, however, they will find someone to entertain in your preferred language. Azerbaijanis are very friendly and charitable. Tourists or foreigners can also find multilingual individuals at various hotels, restaurants and resorts. In some exceptional cases like if you need local help on the streets, you should speak English to get easy communication. English and Russian languages are widely spoken languages amidst the tourists, so it would be recommended to speak either language.

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Info Desk

Cellular Communication Services: There are three cellular operators in Azerbaijan- Azercell, Bakcell, and Azerfon (Nar Mobile). The mobile or cellular network incorporates almost the whole country. GSM 900 is developing rapidly across the country and roaming is available to subscribers of 300 operators around the world. 3G services work effectively at all the stations of Baku Metro and even in the tunnels as well. Launched in December 2009, Azerfon is the first of the three mobile operators working in Azerbaijan to be licensed to use 3G network. But the development does not sit at rest, in May 2020, Azercell launched 4G network based on LTE technology. As of now, all cellular operators in Baku have 4G network including its suburbs.

Geographic and demographic information: The country borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey and Russia and maritime borderline with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Azerbaijan holds the land area of 600 square kilometres having a population of over 9 million people.

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When To Go

Azerbaijan has nine of the world’s eleven climate zones which provides a unique experience. This country is a wonderful place to visit in all seasons and tourists enjoy the weather here all year round. Sunbathing on the pristine beaches is enough to make your holiday worthwhile in Azerbaijan. Each season has its own unique ambience and features.

Spring in Azerbaijan

At the beginning of March, Spring arrives to the plains and to mountainous regions in April. There usually remain rapid shifts between warm and cool weather yet this season stays short. The temperature in March varies from Min average t°: +4 °C (39 °F) to Max average t°: +17 °C (62 °F).

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