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Arts & Culture

Baku’s cultural life is filled with exuberance and an inspiring spirit. Classic architectures, striking artistry, heroic tales, and many appealing elements that embellish the elegance of this city. There are various museums and private exhibitions of art galleries, famous artists, premier theatres, majestic monuments and captivating performances in Baku, where you will be delighted to have an unforgettable time with your friends & family or simply by yourself. Azerbaijan, also known as the Land of Fire, holds broad-ranging cultural entertainment options for every category of travellers, tourists, and age groups. This feature adds more charms for those who seek to get the heart of the capital city of Azerbaijan.


Beach Holidays

Bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan has a mild and warm climate, which is rich enough to pacify one’s mood. Over the recent years, Azerbaijan has acquired huge fame for its cosy and pleasant weather among foreigners in across the globe. Tourists kick off their adventure time during the beach season in May and immerse into the sunny waves of the Caspian Sea in September. Not only this, while relaxing in the refreshing sea air as well as taking the therapeutic sanatoria on the shoreline of the Absheron peninsula, the ambience of beach will surely energize your soul. And it becomes more surprising when you receive all these things at affordable prices with a high-level of services. The official opening of the beach season takes place at the beginning of June however, one can visit the beaches year-around.


Family Holidays

Children get bored easily while traveling with their parents, which gives rise to demanding affairs in order to entertain the entire family at the same time. But Azerbaijan is cherished by the country’s great traditions that recognize family values above all. From relaxing resorts to luxurious s hotels and amusement parks to recreation zones, there is plenty of fun around every corner of Baku as well as its suburbs and in other cities like Qabala, where children can indulge in exciting activities and grown-ups can relax too. Therefore, Baku welcomes and caters to all kinds of travellers, whether you are a solo traveller or traveling with your family. Furthermore, if one is interested to stay in the capital and stroll around the centre of attractions, they can simply wander through the various green parks adorned with marvellous attractions, playgrounds and other entertaining facilities for children or pay a visit to big shopping and leisure centres, where a family can experience a blissful togetherness.


Food & Drink

Filled with traditional styles, classic elements and ancient attractions, the regular life of Azerbaijan may appear out of the ordinary. This section is what you shouldn’t miss at all. Appealing cafes, lavish restaurants, International food points, open-air recreation grounds, ebullient wine bars and boisterous pubs, there are innumerable stops where one can indulge in full enjoyment. If you are a typical gourmet or foodie or fond of hunting a variety of delectable cuisine, Azerbaijan is a paradise for sumptuous food. Maybe, that is why Azerbaijan has attained enormous fame not only for its classic hospitality but also for its matchless lifestyle.



Azerbaijan’s history is as rich as its cultural treasury. Over a period of almost 5,000 years, the history of this old country went through major Islamic influences. The states of the Ravvadids, Shirvanshahs, Sajids, and Shaddadis also played a significant role in political development. Islam gave a drastic impulse to the building of a unified nation and custom. In the early 16th century, the statehood of Azerbaijan got new transition in its history when Shah Ismail Khatai integrated all the northern and southern territories of Azerbaijan under his power. The day 30th August 1991, Azerbaijan declared its independence which was the inception phase of journeying to become a strong and sovereign Azerbaijan. Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, this country managed to centralize power for building an independent state and became a strong and prosperous Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.


Night Life

Baku is an exclusive fusion of dazzling backdrop, scintillating environment and vivacious milieu. This is the city where restless night clubbers, unhurried clerks, Disk Jockey (DJ) artists, entertaining bartenders and zestful local people meet and celebrate their time amazingly. At night, the refreshing breeze coming from the Caspian Sea turns the atmosphere into a kaleidoscope of dynamic scenes, which is just enough to tempt anyone. Here, you can visit one of the biggest night clubs on the shores, where many stars from all corners of the globe gather to perform on stage. Various venues, convention centres, and spacious halls are well-equipped with ultra-modern concert technology. Tourists from all around the world visit Azerbaijan to participate in many international events, like Formula One, the European Games, the Eurovision Song Contest, and much, much more!


Health & Wellness

Azerbaijan is rich in its natural resources varying from mineral water to oil deposits and mud volcanoes. There are plenty of healing and therapeutic spas to provide you a well-soothing comfort. Water therapy, salt therapy, and thermal bath treatment are the renowned services of this country to relax your travel fatigue, exhaustiveness, chronic pain, etc. The weather and climate of this land is blessed due to the coastal location which will assure you a great time of leisure.


Outdoor Activity

Azerbaijan holds a very long history of cultural heritage. Splendid age-old architectures, highly revered temples of ancient deities, spectacular monuments and mosques. If you have a cultural pursuit, then you visit to these fascinating destinations. Apart from this, there are a great deal of outdoor activities calling you to fall into the thrills of adventure. Azerbaijan is often regarded as one of the best destinations for excitement and fun. Cave paintings made by the first humans on earth and ancient houses built by great architects will surely captivate anyone’s eye and make one fall in love with the beauteous appeal of this country.



Various shopping centres showrooms, boutiques and workshops showcase the exquisite handicrafts of Azerbaijan. Almost each day, more and more large shopping branches of renowned global brands are opening in Baku. From jewellery to souvenirs and traditional clothing to the unique pieces of art which inspire other designers, artists, craftsmen, etc. you will find at all. Every shopping stop has numerous worthy things that you would love to get your hands on. Moreover, local vendors on streets, public exhibition, and magnificent Malls are available, if your shopping appetite doesn’t get satiated.


Nature History

The vibrant spirit of Azerbaijan is truly energizing and soothes one’s mind at the same time. And this sense lies in nature itself – the dynamism of lush greenery, enchanting covering of diversity with the remains of ancient forests, this country is an everlasting marvel for adventurous travellers. Thanks to its exceptionally rich flora and fauna. Infused with sublime landscapes and balmy atmosphere, Azerbaijan is enormously formed by euphonic noise of waterfalls, deep echoing mountains, powerful mountain streams, and several rivers.


Winter Activities

The balmy weather of the Caspian Sea creates a refreshing atmosphere all around the year. There is plethora of exciting things to do in Azerbaijan. Summertime is generally considered as the most preferred season to travel here. But this country is dynamic throughout all the seasons. From national parks to skiing and rambling among the many other sites of Baku in its cosy climate, tourists relish their holiday tours in full zeal. Tufandag and Shahdag are the most popular adventure sites that are frequently taken into one’s holiday itinerary for Azerbaijan. And if you wish to celebrate festivals or any special occasion, come to Azerbaijan and rejoice each moment to create everlasting memories.

Sightseeing Tours

Azerbaijan is wealthy in terms of stunning sightseeing attractions. From Astara, a lush green virgin rainforest sitting on Iran’s border to the captivating shorelines of the Caspian Sea or the world’s largest lake, there are plethora of top tourist destinations all around the corners of Azerbaijan. Eye-cathing modern architectures, stretched mountainous range, and many more such exhilarating attractions are available to give you refreshing energy. The country is also highly regarded due to its rare perseverance of cultural and modern identities which gives compelling reasons to plan sightseeing tours in Azerbaijan.